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Facebook – lol I hate Facebook but if you really want it I’ll consider it.


Q: A lot of your profiles are xXxNoScopeMLGxXx. Are you the same guy?
A: Yes. Sadly, suffered a database failure due to negligence on my part. I am working on restoring it to its original glory but I decided to start over and use this domain for the time being.

Q: A lot of your links are Why?
A: Because I own that site too! It’s the link shortener I run. Feel free to use it. There are no 3rd party trackers and the only IPs that get stored are the ones that create a link (they are stored with the link they create to help fight spam).

Q: I live in Austraila and I need a good photographer. Do you know any?
A: Yes! Check out his website.

Q: Are all of the songs really free and can I really use them for whatever I want?
A: They sure are! I plan to cover all of my music under The Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license which you can learn more about here. Basically, you can do whatever you want with it as long as you give me credit in some way.

Q: There are no ads on this site. How do you make money from this?
A: Short answer; I don’t. It would be nice to make some money but I don’t want any ads on this site. However, if you enjoy my music, stories, and whatever else I post and want to give me something for it; you can send some Bitcoin to that address on the donate page. If you need a way to convert money to Bitcoin or are just looking for a good online Bitcoin wallet; I highly recommend Xapo. I’m not getting paid to endorse them, I just like them.

Q: Is there a way I can get Bitcoin for free?
A: Yes, there are two ways to get free bitcoin. The first way is to mine bitcoin but that’s not really profitable unless you use ASIC mining hardware (you will pay more for power to mine than you will make in bitcoin). The other way is to use a Bitcoin faucet like Moon Bitcoin. Basically, they show a bunch of ads and you get some bitcoin in return.

Q: Is this site based on a creepypasta?
A: I think the real question is; is the creepypasta based on this site.

Q: Can I send you a friend request on Steam?
A: Sure! I’ll most likely accept it too.


If you have any other questions feel free to ask down in the comments.