How To Save Some Money On Your Comcast Bill

Alright, I got a lot more PMs than I was expecting on Reddit. So, I guess I’ll just make a post here on my site.

So, this is mostly going to be for Comcast customers but this same advice should apply to other companies as well.

First, buy your own modem and router. It’s not expensive and it will pay for itself within a year.

Second, when you signup, decline all plans with a 2-year contract. Most likely you will get a promotional plan that will last one year. After that year call up Comcast and tell them you want to cancel. If they ask why just tell them it’s because your bill went up or you can’t afford it. You will be transferred to customer retention. There, they will try to lower your current package tell them no and they will “find” you a better deal. Most likely your exact same plan only less or a better plan for less.

For instance, when I signed up I got Blast Internet for $50/Mo for 12 months. After the 12 months, my bill went up to $80/mo. I called Comcast and told them I wanted to cancel. They asked why and I said, “I don’t know why but my bill has gone up and I can’t afford it.” They transferred me to customer retention. They offered me lowering my Internet speed to 25 Mb/s down for $50/mo. I said no and then they”looked” for a deal for a few minutes and said they could give me Blast Internet for $50/mo for 12 months and that included the modem rental fee. I told them I already own my own modem so they looked for a different promo. What they found was Blast Internet with HBO for $50/mo for 12 months. So I said I’d take it. I basically got free HBO GO for a year without my bill increasing.

However, that leads me into my next point. If it’s legal in your state; record your calls to Comcast (I use ACR). When I called, the last time I specifically asked if the new plan came with a 2-year contract and I was told no. Later, when I looked at my account online I saw I was under a 2-year contract. I called Comcast the next day and asked about it and they said it was a verbal agreement and there wasn’t anything they could do about it. Luckily, I had a recording of the call and proof that there was no verbal agreement. So, I turned to Reddit and they gave me some of the best advice ever! You can report Comcast (or really any other ISP) to the FCC for being a piece of shit and shit actually gets done! All you have to do is go to and fill out a form online. I just uploaded an mp3 of the call as well as a screenshot showing that I was under a 2-year agreement and within 48 hours I got a call from someone at Comcast who removed the 2-year contract and gave me the discounts I was promised (Blast Internet and HBO for $50/mo for 12 months).

So, I guess the moral of the story is you can get a better deal with Comcast just be prepared for them to do some shady shit and have proof that they are being shady. Also, stay away from 2-year contracts because after your 1-year promo you won’t have any arguing room. If you say you want to cancel they will just inform you of the early termination fee instead of finding you a better deal. You need the wiggle room of not having a contract in order to continue to get lower prices every year.

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