How To Get A Free Copy Of Windows 10 Pro

So, as you might know; upgrading from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 for free is no more. However, there is an official way around this.

What you will need is a DVD burner and a blank DVD or a spare flash drive that is at least 8GB in capacity.

First, we need a genuine copy of Windows 7 Ultimate. You can get that from this torrent file ( mirror). Don’t worry about downloading the other files, all you need is the ISO.

We will also need a program called Rufus. Once you have Rufus and the Windows 7 Ultimate ISO downloaded you can “burn” Windows 7 Ultimate onto the USB drive.

Now, you can boot from the USB to install Windows 7 Ultimate onto your PC (you will need the installation USB, keyboard, and mouse plugged into PS/2 our USB 2.0 ports as Windows 7 has no native support for USB 3.0). During installation, you will get a message asking for a product key but you can skip that by clicking “Cancel” or “Skip” (It’s been a while since I’ve done this and I don’t remember what the option is called).

Windows should finish installing. Now, you will have an unactivated copy of Windows 7 Ultimate. To activate Windows 7 Ultimate you will need Windows Loader which you can download here.

Extract the zip file and run Windows Loader.exe. The default settings should be fine. Click “Install” and in a minute or two, you should be asked to reboot. Reboot and you should have an activated Windows 7 Ultimate. You can delete Windows and the extracted files. Now, it’s time to update. You need to make sure Windows is up to date. Don’t worry if Windows Update can’t find any updates. If that happens. give it a few hours (I’ve seen it take a whole day, in rare occasions) and it will eventually find updates when you check. Don’t try to install all the updates at once! Instead just install the updates preselected and reboot then continue the process until all the updates are installed. Some updates have to already be installed before you can install others.

Now that Windows 7 Ultimate is up-to-date you are ready to update to Windows 10 Pro! So you will need to download a file from Microsoft’s website (mirror). Don’t worry, as far as I know it doesn’t check whether or not you are actually using any assistive technology but if you are worried then turn on the screen magnifier.

Just launch the the exe and it should guide you through upgrading to Windows 10 Pro (I have not done this myself so information and/or screenshots of the upgrade process would be much appreciated).

After upgrading (if you are worried any viruses or spyware was installed with Windows Loader or just want a fresh start) you can download Windows 10 Pro from here and use the download tool to download and “burn” Windows 10 Pro onto a USB drive. Then you can reinstall Windows 10 Pro. If you are asked for a product key you are probably using something like Killer Ethernet or some Wi-Fi drivers that are not included in Windows 10. Just install the drivers and when your PC connects to the Internet it should automatically activate Windows 10 Pro.

The activation is tied to your motherboard so you can re-install as many times as you want.

If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments. I will try to give as much help as I can.

Also, I should note; I used a similar method to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro (back when it was a free upgrade) myself so it should work for you.

Update 2017-04-15: Since Microsoft is blocking updates for Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 on Ryzen and Kaby Lake CPUs can someone verify if this works on Ryzen and/or Kaby Lake? I did this on a friend’s PC about a week ago and I was able to upgrade to Windows 10 from the upgrade file I have on my site without installing any Windows 7 updates. However, she has a CPU that is “allowed” to update on Windows 7/8/8.1 so I’m not sure if this will work for Ryzen and Kaby Lake or not. I believe that it will but until I am able to test it myself or someone can verify that it works I can’t be certain. Until then YMMV.

If you have tried this method with Ryzen or Kaby Lake and it has worked please tell me in the comments.

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