My Video Broke YouTube Community Guidelines?

About an hour ago I posted this video on YouTube:

Well, about 10 minutes ago I was notified that it broke YouTube community guidelines.YouTube Community Guideline Strike

I reviewed the guidelines and I’m certain that it doesn’t break any of them. If you don’t believe me you can watch that video and see for yourself.

So why did YouTube remove it? Is it because they don’t want people using VPNs? Is there some reason they don’t want information about online security to be made available?

I’m not saying that it’s some kind of government conspiracy between the NSA and Google. I just have no idea why it was flagged for breaking community guidelines.

So, what does this mean for me?

For one, I can’t live stream anymore until the community guideline strike expires on May 22, 2017.

I have already appealed the strike and will receive information within a week but in the meantime, I’m just sort of SOL.

This really sucks. All I wanted to do was make a video that I thought some people might find helpful and I ended up getting fucked over by YouTube.

I will leave a link to the original YouTube video here in case it comes back.

Until then, I guess be careful what you put on YouTube…



My video has been reinstated! I never received an email and got no notifications but when I went to my video manager I saw it was back online. I no longer have any community guideline strikes and have my ability to stream again.

I still have no idea what happened but at least it is fixed.